Guide dog injured by escalator
Guide dog injured by escalator

A blind Sydney woman has been forced to get around without the help of her guide dog, Gidget, after it was badly injured on an escalator in the city.

Passers-by and paramedics came to their aid, with the Labrador being taken away in an ambulance.

Today it was clear, from Gidget's madly wagging tail, just how much she loves her handler Simone.

Simone says the black Lab is the best thing that's happened to her, since she lost most of her sight six years ago, after suffering meningitis and a stroke.

But yesterday, Gidget suffered her own painful setback when her paw got stuck in the escalator at Town Hall Station.

"It was terrible, because I can't see." Simone said.

"It was just so devastating to know that she was in pain and I couldn't help her."

Fortunately, bystanders could and paramedics took her to the nearby veterinary.

Vet Christina Zhu administered some pain relief and cleaned the wound area, complete with blue bandages.

The challenge now is to get Gidget healthy again, and then to reintroduce her to escalators which will probably scare her now.

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