Church child abuse scandal widens
Church child abuse scandal widens

EXCLUSIVE: 7News can reveal the Patrician Brothers, who warmly welcomed a paedophile back into the fold, have another dark secret.

The head of the order has admitted protecting another brother who committed child abuse.

7News has exclusively revealed Thomas Grealy, who was jailed for child rape, is back living with his Catholic brethren and hailed by them as a ‘Patrician Treasure’.

Head of the Patrician Brothers, Philip Mulhall says he knows how victims will react.

"It's a very sad mistake on our part and I know that that's affronting and causes great anguish," Brother Philip Mulhall said.

But today Brother Philip dropped a bombshell, admitting that there is another paedophile living in Sydney as a Patrician Brother who has never faced justice.

MIKE DUFFY: Do you think the public has a right to know who he is?

BROTHER PHILIP: Good question, I think what we have a responsibility to do is to make sure that he's in no sort of situation where he can offend against anyone.

DUFFY: Should we in the community be satisfied that the Patrician Brothers are the right people to decide whether he is a risk or not?

PHILIP: That's a very good question, whether the community would like to trust us on that, well I understand misgivings there.

DUFFY: [Philip] said the victim was paid more than $20,000, but the brother was never charged.

PHILIP: It was sexual abuse, yes.

DUFFY: And he was a student?

PHILIP: He was at the time, yes.

DUFFY: Would all of the brothers know what he’s done?

PHILIP: He’s certainly known, yeah, yeah.

DUFFY: Well why haven’t you contacted the police?

PHILIP: Umm (pause) it's a question that's really difficult for me to answer. Not because I want to conceal it from police. We’re talking about a complaint made about something that happened 30 years ago, and where the person did not want to go to the police.

DUFFY: This will really shock people to hear another brother, who’s been accused of sexual abuse, credibly, who still lives in the order.

PHILIP: I understand the reaction to that.


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