World first sleep study app
World first sleep study app

People who suffer from sleep disorders are being told the key to a good night's rest is just a mouse click away.

A world first study has been launched in Sydney giving patients access to traditional treatment methods online to help a staggering 7 million Australians affected.

Nothing is better than having a good kip and nothing is worse than not being able to, as insomnia sufferer Kylie Henman explains.

"Hours of not being able to fall asleep, tossing and turning in your bed, getting frustrated."

Kylie Henman's insomnia dominated her life.

"I couldn't hold down a job, I'd get irritable for almost no reason, I was paranoid in the end," Henman said.

Kylie sought treatment but a new study run by the Black Dog Institute is bringing help over the internet.

In a world first, Australian volunteers are being asked to test an online app that could be the cure.

Professor Helen Christensen from The Black Dog Institute says the aim of the trial is to see whether depression risk can be reduced in the community by tackling insomnia.

Now you can log on and seek treatment for insomnia in the comfort of your own lounge room.

Participants enter their sleep patterns in an online diary. The app then calculates when they should go to bed, get up, how to re-arrange their bedroom, and even what not to eat and drink.

For more information visit the Black Dog Institute

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