The X Factor judge, Melanie Brown, has appeared in court in Sydney to apply for an AVO against celebrity snapper Jamie Fawcett.

'Scary Spice' complained he endangered her and her husband while they kayaked on the Harbour last week.

Waverley Local Court heard Fawcett had agreed to the interim AVO and its terms, with his lawyer Roland Day telling magistrate Jacqueline Milledge: "You've only heard one side of the story".

Fawcett has agreed not to come within five metres of Mel B.

The celebrity judge attended Waverley Local Court on Thursday, but remained in the victim support room for the brief mention, which Mr Fawcett did not attend.

She sought the AVO in relation to threats allegedly made by Fawcett against her husband Stephen Belafonte on the Harbour.

The orders, which were consented to by both parties, include terms that Fawcett must not "loiter" within 50 metres of Brown, must not approach within five metres of her and must not contact her.

Mr Day said Fawcett agreed to the orders on the understanding "that he is still able to be a photographer and do his job".

Ms Milledge replied: "He's just got to put a little bit of thought into it."

She said Mr Fawcett's action in agreeing to the orders was "commendable".

"There's no doubt these are difficult matters to negotiate," Ms Milledge said.

She adjourned the matter for mention on November 22.

Speaking outside court, Mr Day said Fawcett denied the allegations against him and would fight the AVO.

"Mr Fawcett just wants to do his job," he said.

Brown declined to comment to waiting media.

The magistrate adjourned the case so police and Jamie Fawcett's lawyer could do more homework in relation to the allegations.

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