Jones audience increases despite backlash
Jones audience increases despite backlash

Alan Jones' attack on the Prime Minister's father hasn't turned listeners away from his 2GB breakfast show.

Despite the outcry and backlash, his audience has increased.

He's apologised for his comment about the Prime Minister's father dying of shame, but he's making no apology for giving his listeners what they want.

"It’s called the Alan Jones program. I do it for that reason, that's what my audience expect. That's why they stick and stay," Jones said.

More than stayed, Jones’s audience multiplied. His breakast show rose half a per cent to 17.3, with Radio 2GB strengthening its lead over-all.

Tim Burrowes from Mumbrella said he believed the station was probably nervous about the numbers coming out.

“Regardless of what they think because clearly what they didn't want was another negative headline," Burrowes said.

The negative headlines sparked an online campaign against Jones, driving away many of his advertisers.

“These people swallowed a whole heap of stories about me which weren't valid," the broadcaster said.

The Jones row came towards the end of this rating's period, not that the breakfast host is concerned.

He expects his audience will be even bigger in the next figures, keeping the federal government in his sights, despite his critics.

“They are on the side of the government. Well I'm not, and everyone knows that, tough luck," Jones said.

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