Stabbed X-Factor contestant rapping again
Stabbed X-Factor contestant rapping again

The former X-Factor contestant stabbed in the heart on the weekend is recovering so well he's already rapping again.

Jalel Edmonds, or 'Lazy J', says he feels blessed to have survived the Oxford Street attack, with his recovery inspiring a new song.

He was stabbed in the heart on Sunday, today he's back rapping.

"Staring out of this hospital, sitting on this life support, Thinking what else I got to do, than spending my life in court," he raps.

Jalal Edmonds is what the kids call 'fully sick'.

"I'm barely eating, my chest is beating, the stab wound in my heart is healing."

Jalal and his singing partner got their big break on Channel Seven's X-Factor.

The duo was at a Sydney nightclub early Sunday, promoting a new single.

During a scuffle outside, Jalal was stabbed in the chest.

It should have been fatal.

"You know there's a heart surgeon specialist, just down the road from where I got stabbed, so it was all fine," he told 7News.

Friends and family have kept a worried watch over Jalal.

"I've been getting heap of flowers sent, heaps of cards heaps of love, even from Ronan Keating on X-Factor," he said

Yesterday the new single went online and Jalal's working on a new song about his stabbing.

He'll be discharged tomorrow.

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