It was a spectacle from the air, wrecked vehicles scattered across the motorway

From Graham Brown's perspective, even more dramatic. You can see a white ute tumbling over and over.

Behind it are two big rigs. One takes evasive action into the other, and both career into concrete barriers which spill across eastern-bound lanes of the M4.

Emergency services were there within minutes, paramedics treating the driver of the ute, whose car was flattened, while other drivers sat in gridlock, amazed at what they'd just seen.

The concrete barriers injured nobody and the truck drivers were fine. Only the ute driver and a second driver were taken to hospital as a precaution.

Witnesses have told police he'd been driving erratically, trying to overtake one of the trucks on the west-bound on-ramp from Silverwater Road.

The motorway was cleared and, after two hours, traffic began moving again.

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