A Sydney schoolboy is about to take online shopping to a whole new level, with a virtual mall that brings brands together.

More than 100 companies will have shops in his mall when it opens next month.

An entrepreneur of 16, with a dream beyond his years, Alexander Danieli wants to revolutionise online shopping.

360 Mall claims to be the world's first virtual online 3D shopping mall.

"You can walk around with your friends and shop together like it's a physical shopping experience," creator Alexander Danieli says.

Real world shops like SABA, Sportscraft and Lincraft have signed on, while online retailers also want real estate in Alexander's cyberspace

Paddington boutique White Vogue also wants a piece of 360 Mall.

"It's offering an incredible point of difference to what is the normal online experience,” David Harris from White Vogue says.

Alexander is also making his mum and dad pretty proud.

"[He's] very confident that this will be bigger than Facebook," Alexander’s father Sam Danieli says.

It’s a big call, but the experts say Alexander’s ambitious goal isn’t out of the question.

Web researcher Andy Gent says it’s a great story.

“A sixteen year old kid from the suburbs of Sydney can take on a monster like that," Gent says

Alexander Danieli first thought of the idea when he was about thirteen and by 16, he'll have a fully fledged web-based marketplace.

He’s one young lad, in a rush to riches, and his first million isn't too far away.

Alexander says he wants to make it by 18, but he best get through next week's exams first.

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