Australia is being warned to brace for another wave of refugee boats after 7News spoke with a group of asylum seekers preparing to make the treacherous journey, possibly tonight.

The Sri Lankans were famously turned back three years ago but now they're determined to try again.

This intercepted fishing boat gained worldwide headlines when the 240 Sri Lankans packed on board refused to get off.

After a six month standoff they disembarked at Merak Port in West Java, on the promise they'd be processed quickly.

Three years later, and many of those asylum seekers are still waiting.

"They're disappointed, they're really stressed, they're frustrated,” asylum seeker Nimal says.

Seven News tracked the asylum seekers down to a refuge in Sumatra, as they prepared for their next attempt on Australia's shores.

"I know it's too dangerous but I don't have a choice," says one asylum seeker who does not wish to be identified.

He says he will leave tonight.

"My future is empty, so I plan to get on the boat," that man says.

Of the original boatload, 90 Sri Lankans are still left in Indonesia - and we're told 20 of them will tonight begin their attempted journey.

They say Australia's new off-shore processing policy is no deterrent.'

“In my opinion, it will not stop people going. The people in Indonesia they will not stop going to Australia," asylum seeker Thanusiya says.

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