Real estate rorts
Real estate rorts

The state's consumer watchdog is warning real-estate agents not to go overboard with digital enhancement of homes for sale.

Called 'Virtual Realty', it's the art of dressing-up a property electronically, so what you see, might not be what you get.

Ordinary properties are jazzed up with the kind of digital retouching that's now a popular real estate selling tool.

Attila Kovacs from Industrie Media says it offers potential buyers the opportunity to see an impression of what the residence could look like.

If you think a room would be cosier with a roaring fire, graphic designers can put one in.

But Industrie Media says it has strict policies on what it does.

"Where we'll pull the line is if we have the odd request for a stop sign or a roundabout or a telegraph line to be removed, clearly we won't do those types of alterations," Attila Kovacs says.

7News asked five major real-estate firms for their policy on altered images.

McGrath was the only agency to respond saying, "Under no circumstance can items be altered to misrepresent what is on offer."

Some would argue that it doesn't matter after all, very few investors buy homes without paying a visit.

But it could be a waste of time and money to find your dream home has been dreamt up.

Agents have been warned, with the Fair Trading Minister saying that quite often the photos in no way correlate with reality.

"New South Wales Fair Trading is going to be keeping a very close eye on how they market their properties this Spring," Minister Anthony Roberts says.

If you see pictures you think have been unfairly altered let us know.

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