Motorists may be exempt from speeding fines
Motorists may be exempt from speeding fines

EXCLUSIVE: A landmark court decision could help thousands of Sydney drivers get out of paying questionable speeding fines.

Experts say the ruling gives access to secret camera history logs, to back up claims they've been wrongly targeted.

Taxi driver Bernard Periera's cab was booked for speeding on Macpherson St, Mosman but he doubted the information that was mailed to him.

He challenged the fine, demanded that he see the fixed camera's full service log history, and the fine was soon withdrawn.

Defence Lawyer Dennis Miralis says the secret documents will show whether cameras truly operate reliably or accurately.

“The RTA don't want drivers to have access to these documents," Miralis says.

The logs listing the speed camera's problems, and whether it was working or not, offering much more detail than the ceritificates made available.

Lawyers say these documents are usually out of bounds, but thanks to a Victorian Supreme Court decision, doubtful New South Wales drivers could be spared.

The court ruling found drivers should have access to the secret logs when challenging fines.

This will help persuade magistrates here to also grant access to drivers, according to lawyers.

The President of the state’s Law Society says motorists may want to refer to the decision in their proceedings in New South Wales.

While the Roads Minister Duncan Gay has faith in the cameras but says if there is a fault with the speed camera then drivers will not be prosecuted.

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