Hard working students whose university prospects are looking dim through no fault of their own could get a big break this year thanks to a bonus point system.

Many Sydney universities have introduced schemes to ensure students who suffer social disadvantage are still able to access higher education.

One of the schools, the prestigious Sydney University, is offering kids from tough backgrounds as many as 13 bonus points on top of their HSC ATAR score.

The University of Western Sydney goes further offering any student from western Sydney an automatic five-point bonus.

The UWS Pro Vice Chancellor Angelo Kourtis says 406 schools are part of the scheme and 206 suburbs are represented.

He told 7News: "This is the engine that will drive the national economy moving forwards, and the university recognises that."

Students believe these type of schemes will help kids from the south west.

Carina Lam says there are plenty of smart kids, on some of Sydney's toughest streets.

"Very, very smart kids, I don't think anyone should underestimate anyone coming from the south west."

Another student Silvana Moussa used the uni's bonus points to land a scholarship.

"It was a relief to know that there were bonus points if things happened during the HSC that were unexpected."

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