The mask that Paul Douglas Peters wore when he strapped a fake collar bomb on Sydney schoolgirl Maddie Pulver has been revealed.

A ‘rainbow smile’ ski mask, purchased from a store on the NSW Central Coast, has been revealed by the Daily Telegraph.

Peters pleaded guilty in March to aggravated break and enter and committing a serious indictable offence.

According to a fact sheet given to the court, Peters ‘stormed’ into Maddie’s bedroom after letting himself in through an unlocked door.

The document said: "His face was concealed by a striped, multicoloured balaclava that was pulled down over his face, and he was wearing beige trousers and a light blue business shirt that was rolled up to the elbows."

Peters was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky in the US, almost two weeks after the incident in the Pulver family home at Mosman on August 3 last year.

It took police more than eight hours to remove the device, which was attached to Ms Pulver's neck after Peters cornered her in her bedroom, court documents say.

Bomb experts ascertained the bomb was fake and contained no explosives, before removing it later that night.

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