Skywatchers get ready for the Transit of Venus
Skywatchers get ready for the Transit of Venus

Skywatchers the world over are getting ready for one of the rarest cosmic events of all - next Wednesday's Transit of Venus.

This amazing event is when the planet Venus passes directly between the earth and the sun.

The last time it happened was eight years ago, and next week’s event is the last time any of us will see it as it’s not scheduled to happen again for 105 years.

The best place to see it is in Sydney; the transit will last from about 8:15am on Wednesday morning until 2:45pm in the afternoon.

Telescope sales are doing a roaring trade as amateur stargazers try to snap up solar filters.

Telescope retailer Mike Smith says sales are up two hundred percent. “That much, yeah. We are amazed."

But experts warn that people should be careful when trying to grab a glimpse of Venus. Looking directly into the sun during the transit, or at any time, will severely damage the eyes.

For professionals and amateurs alike, it's an exciting time for stargazing.

As Physicist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says: "When that first dot kisses the edge of the sun, I'll be excited as I was the last time I saw it happen."

Hopefully next Wednesday will have clear blue skies.

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