NSW woman denied bail over stabbed sister

Perry Duffin

A woman accused of stabbing her sister in the head in the Sydney suburb of Glebe has been refused bail because of her "lengthy" criminal history.

Patricia Ann Wilson, 46, was arrested after her sister arrived at hospital with a stab wound to her head on Monday afternoon.

She was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Wilson, appearing via video link in Central Local Court on Tuesday, sat silently as the court heard of previous assault charges and a prison sentence for a 2010 robbery.

She was on bail at the time she allegedly stabbed her sister, the court heard.

Her defence solicitor argued Wilson's last serious assault conviction dated back more than a decade and her criminal history did not reveal a pattern of serious violence.

She also noted Wilson's hair had been pulled during Monday's argument, raising the question of self-defence.

But the magistrate said Wilson's lengthy criminal history and the strong prosecution case meant jail time was highly likely if she was found guilty. He denied bail.

Wilson is expected to reappear at the same court on July 9.