NSW woman charged $150 Uber ‘cleaning fee’ after mystery mess

A NSW woman has warned Uber customers after she claims she was charged $150 for a mess she didn't make.

Ebony and her partner Matt took a 9km ride in an Uber from Sydney's CBD to the North Shore on Wednesday.

The NSW woman found out the following morning when she checked her account that she was charged the maximum cleaning fee for a "major mess that requires cleaning between the windows, doors or air vents" or a "major bodily fluid mess", News Corp reports.

On its website, Uber lists cleaning fees of $20 for a “small interior mess or moderate exterior mess” and $40 for both these types of messes.

The mess Ebony allegedly made as claimed by the Uber driver. Source: Facebook

The next level is a $80 fee for a “moderate interior mess” on “hard-to-clean surfaces, large food and beverage spills” and “minor bodily fluid messes”. The maximum, level four fee of $150 which is what Ebony claims she was charged.

Ebony disputed the fee and was sent back a photo of a mysterious lumpy substance that appeared to be spilled over the car's backseat floor.

She then took to Facebook to vent her frustration with screenshots of her conversation with customer service.

“UBER SCAM ALERT!!! $150 Sydney central business district”, she wrote.

"This morning I woke up to an additional $150 charge on my credit card for a 'major mess' that we'd supposedly left in the car..."

Ebony wrote a post warning others of the alleged scam. Source: Facebook

Her Facebook friends labelled the charge as 'disgraceful'.

After contacting the company, it was agreed that Ebony would have her money refunded, the publication reported.

“Uber is always evaluating its customer service processes and looking for ways to better serve our riders and drivers," a spokesperson said.

“While messes and spilled drinks can happen in moving vehicles, we actively look into reports where fraud may be detected and take the appropriate actions on those accounts.”

Yahoo7 has reached out to Uber for comment.