RFS denies claims volunteer firie who told PM to 'get f***ed' was sacked

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

The NSW Rural Fire Service has hit back at a volunteer firefighter who has claimed he was dismissed following an expletive-laden outburst at Prime Minister Scott Morrison during the bushfire crisis.

Paul Parker, who rose to fame for his now-viral rant aimed at Scott Morrison during the unprecedented bushfire season, revealed on The Project on Sunday night he was removed from his role for the spray.

“The message I got was about time you brought the truck back because we were about to send the police to go look for you,” he revealed.

“Another captain from another brigade within Batemans Bay came out and I asked him the question, I said: ‘What’s going on?’”

Paul Parker speaking on The Project with his partner, Tanya, on Sunday night. Source: 10

“He said: ‘You’re finished because of your allegations and foul language against the PM of the country while representing the RFS’.

“Didn’t know you could get sacked from a volunteer organisation but apparently you can.”

The Project hosts were shocked by his revelation, telling Mr Parker the show and most Australians “really are behind you”.

Since the appearance the NSW RFS has disputed Mr Parker’s claims on social media.

“We can confirm Paul remains a member of the NSW RFS and has not been dismissed,” NSW RFS said on Twitter.

A NSW RFS spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia reports of Mr Parker’s dismissal are “completely inaccurate”.

The spokesperson said the RFS will be investigating Mr Parker’s claims and take appropriate action if needed.

Volunteer firie was protecting neighbours’ homes

Mr Parker had been battling fires in and around his local community of Nelligen on NSW’s south coast when he spotted a 7News camera crew.

“Are you from the media? Tell the prime minister to go and get f***ed from Nelligen,” he unleashed at the camera.

The NSW volunteer firefighter shouts at a camera amid the fire outbreak. Source: 7News

“We really enjoy doing this s***,” he continued, sarcastically referencing the prime minister’s remarks that volunteer firies shouldn’t be paid as they enjoy the work.

Just moments later Mr Parker was filmed collapsing to the ground from exhaustion, the reason an RFS spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia in January as to why the volunteer was no longer fighting fires.

His rant resonated with many across Australia as the nation struggled through a catastrophic fire season that has so far claimed 34 lives.

As a sign of his popularity, Mr Parker’s face was even plastered across a Melbourne wall in a tribute to his famous outburst.

And while a GoFundMe page was set up by his grateful neighbours as he took time off work to fight the fires, the biggest donation has been sent straight to his local pub, where well-wishers have been adding to his bar tab.

The Steampacket Hotel said strangers from across the country have been sending money to make sure Mr Parker doesn’t have to dip his hand into his own pocket.

On Sunday, Mr Parker continued to voice his disdain over Mr Morrison’s actions throughout the bushfire season.

“Come and have a look at what the people have gone through. It’s going to take years for people to get over this if they get over it at all,” he said.

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