Students assaulted after school rugby game

By Anna Hitchings

Five high school rugby players were bashed by drunken spectators when a weekend match at Bathurst ended in a brawl.

Several spectators ran onto the ground and began assaulting players at the end of Saturday's match between local school St Stanislaus College and a visiting team from Kinross Wolaroi in Orange.

Kinross Wolaroi acting principal Rob McLean said many of the spectators were former students from St Stanislaus and appeared to be drunk, despite an alcohol ban at the match.

"It was played in great spirit and sadly the spectators that caused the violence left a sour taste in everyone's mouths," he told AAP.

Mr McLean said the alcohol ban was introduced this year after raucous crowd behaviour during a clash between the teams a year ago.

Police were called and interviewed parents and staff at the scene but no charges appear to have been laid.

St Stanislaus head of college Anne Wenham issued a formal apology to Kinross Wolaroi.

"The behaviour of a few at the end of the game was unacceptable," she said in a statement.

"I apologise particularly to the players, their families, Kinross coaches, principal and staff as well as Kinross students and supporters who witnessed this behaviour."