NSW SES crews help with Vic storm clean-up

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As clean-up crews continue to work through the long list of jobs following wild storms that battered parts of Victoria last week, help is on the way from NSW.

Crews from SES NSW will work from Tuesday to Thursday and head home on Friday,

As at midday on Monday, 335 emergency calls for assistance still remained active.

Many of those remaining are on the Mornington Peninsula which saw the brunt of the storm and include large and complex roof issues that require specialists.

More calls for emergency assistance are expected as people return to their homes and discover damage.

Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said the help from NSW was very appreciated.

Wild winds lashed the state overnight on Thursday, prompting more than 3000 calls for help to Victoria's State Emergency Service.

About 2300 calls were for fallen trees and 490 for damage to properties.

Seven houses suffered significant damage, including the home of an SES unit controller in Emerald, southeast of Melbourne.

Power was cut to almost a quarter of the state at the peak of the electricity outages, with 520,000 households off the grid.

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