Man accused of murdering nephew over affair with wife spent $2500 tracking him

A man accused of murdering his nephew over an affair with his wife was so determined to locate him he spent $2500 on tracking devices and checked them online 609 times, a NSW jury has been told.

The 50-year-old accused, however, says he wasn't behind the shooting and had no knowledge of the 23-year-old's death until he was interviewed by police about five hours later.

A Supreme Court jury heard the accused checked online tracking devices over 600 times. Source: AAP (file photo).

In opening the defence case on Friday, barrister Keith Chapple SC said the uncle - known by the pseudonym A1 for legal reasons - was "forthright" with police about his movements and his relationship with his nephew, who's known as C5.

A1 has pleaded not guilty in the NSW Supreme Court to shooting C5 seven times as he arrived home from an alleged intimate "meeting" with his aunt in western Sydney in 2015.

Crown prosecutor Richard Herps, in his opening address, said A1 bought five tracking devices and a number of sim cards from Spy City in the weeks before the murder to monitor the location of his wife, C5 and their vehicles.

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