NSW Liberal apologises for degree claims

Jamie McKinnell

A NSW MP has apologised after she falsely claimed to have completed two undergraduate degrees on nomination forms for Liberal party positions.

North Shore MP Felicity Wilson claimed to hold "a double degree of Bachelor of Media/Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University" when nominating for a vice-president position, Fairfax Media reports.

But in her official parliamentary biography, Ms Wilson is listed to hold a Bachelor of Media, attained in 2005.

A Macquarie University spokesman confirmed Ms Wilson had completed the single degree.

"She has not currently completed any further degrees at the university," they said in a statement.

Ms Wilson on Wednesday told AAP she began an arts degree in 2001 but later decided to also study subjects for a media degree.

"Due to the subjects I had completed, I graduated with a Bachelor of Media, however, I could have chosen to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts instead," she said in a statement.

The Liberal MP issued an unreserved apology for the "errors" on the forms and said she currently held two degrees - a Bachelor of Media and a Master of Public Policy - and had also deferred enrolment in an MBA to focus on her electorate.

"I will continue to give every effort to representing our community in NSW parliament," she said.

It's not the first time Ms Wilson, who scraped into parliament on preferences in an April by-election, has been somewhat loose with her words.

In the lead up to election day, she was forced to admit she gave misleading information about her residential and voting history.

Ms Wilson said it was "unintentional error" when she told party members she moved to the electorate in 2005.

The same justification was given for a Facebook post in which Ms Wilson wrongly claimed that the first vote she cast in an election was for former prime minister John Howard.

Opposition leader Luke Foley again dubbed Ms Wilson "fibbing Felicity".

"She's the Pinocchio of the parliament," he told reporters in Sydney.

"What will she say next?"