NSW Labor promises co-ed high schools

Every NSW student will be able to attend a co-educational public high school under a Labor government.

Opposition Leader Chris Minns says if Labor is elected in March, he will ensure all students will have the option of attending a co-ed high school across the state.

He outlined the "major change to public education in NSW", saying Labor was committed to building world class education facilities and had a strategy to expand school catchment boundaries and identify future land requirements.

"We will offer co-educational education to the parents of students in NSW," he told reporters on Wednesday.

"We will enact it and get it done in the first term of a Labor government."

There are 36 regions across the state where there are only single-sex options for high school and some families were forced to move to enrol their child into a co-ed public high school, he said.

"It's going to be a big change," he said.

Last year the Department of Education said it was 'working towards options' to increase access.

However, Mr Minns said more than a year later the Perrottet government had not announced a policy to deliver state-wide access to co-ed schools.