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Photo of NSW hunters reveals $1200 miscalculation: 'Caught in the crossfire'

Police have taken to social media to caution hunters in rural NSW not to kill animals without authorisation.

The warning follows a routine stop at Dogs Rocks State Forest near Oberon during which officers found a dead pig and unrestrained dogs riding on board.

Along with the caption, police also posted a photo of the incident showing the large dead pig hanging by a single leg from the back of the ute.

Police issued fines totalling $1200 after stopping a vehicle with a dead pig on the back. Source: NSW Police
Police issued fines totalling $1200 after stopping a vehicle with a dead pig on the back. Source: NSW Police

Large cages commonly used to transport animals can also be seen behind a blanket of hanging mesh on the back tray. A man standing nearby has had his identity obscured.

Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that the vehicle occupants were issued with three infringement notices totalling $1200 for hunting in a forestry area and driving with unrestrained dogs.

Officers also located and seized GPS hunting equipment, although they did not confiscate the dead pig.

"This is a reminder to those persons who engage in hunting, that they must have the appropriate permission when hunting on either public or private property," NSW Police said.

"Hunting dogs must be microchipped and registered and display identification tags."

Police added they conduct patrols and operations inside all state forests. These measures are also undertaken by the Department of Primary Industries, and inside national parks by National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Social media split on $1200 hunting fines

Responses to the fines on social media have been mixed, with some thanking police for their work and others saying hunting should not be restricted.

"No drugs firearms or weapons just young fellas trying to hunt. Leave em alone," one person wrote.

"The hunters are doing the state a favour (by) getting rid of feral pigs," another respondent agreed.

"It's not a (koala) hanging off the back it's a feral pest that the government whinge about spending money on," someone else wrote.

Others could see the importance of the permit system, adding that without them "cattle get caught in the crossfire".

"If you don’t have permission it’s poaching, regardless of what you’re going after," someone else agreed.

Another respondent went even further, suggesting the dogs should be destroyed and the ute confiscated.

Others stressed their opposition to killing in general, writing "hunting is horrible".

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