How police found grandmother trapped in car wreckage for 17 hours

A grandmother has survived for almost 17 hours trapped in the wreckage of a car in almost freezing temperatures on the NSW South Coast.

Lynette Williams left Moruya on Wednesday at 11.30pm but as she drove down the Princes Highway her car spun off the road and down an embankment at midnight in Kianga, Nine News reported.

She was knocked unconscious.

Lynette Williams, 69, survived 17 hours in the wreckage of a car when she crashed off the Princes Highway on the NSW South Coast. Source: 7News

Chief Inspector Peter Volf told The Daily Telegraph the temperature would have dropped “down to two or three degrees”.

Luckily, nearly 17 hours later at 4.30pm on Thursday, the 69-year-old regained consciousness and called her family.

Police were able to pinpoint her location from her phone signal.

Within 20 minutes, police found her.

Ms Williams' car sits at the bottom of an embankment. Source: Nine News

Her friend, Janice Cooper, told The Daily Telegraph Ms Williams would have “hung on for her children and grandchildren”, adding the grandmother was “tough as nails”.

Insp Volf told Nine News “it’s just fortunate” Ms Williams made a phone call.

“We were able to make those enquiries and get her location from there,” he said.

“So yeah, very remarkable.”

Police said temperatures got as low as possibly 2C as Ms Williams sat in the smashed car. Source: 7News

Narooma Volunteer Rescue Association’s Mal Barry told 7News Ms Williams was “in very good spirits” on being rescued.

“She had a bit of a chuckle in her voice,” he said.

Ms Williams has been treated for suspected fractures and exposure.

She was airlifted to Canberra Hospital in a stable condition.

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