Amazing response to interview with 'salt of the earth' family crippled by drought

The spirit of mateship is truly alive, with Aussies banding together to support a hard-working NSW farming family crippled by the worst drought they have ever seen.

Minutes after learning of the family’s heartbreaking story on Sunday evening, the nation banded together to help the battlers out of their spiralling debt.

The Jerry family, who run a sheep and cattle property near Coonabarabran in central NSW, are at breaking point amid the unrelenting drought conditions.

The farmers have gone deeper into debt as they fork out about $15,000 each month to keep their stock alive, a GoFundMe page revealed.

A crowdfunding campaign to support NSW farmers the Jerry family raised almost $130,000 in 15 minutes. Source: GoFundMe

“These people are not rich - they are salt of the earth hard working Aussies who will do anything to keep their animals from suffering, and it's costing them everything they have, and more,” a family friend said on the fundraising page.

“It’s been the hardest year we’ve had - financially and everything else,” said 80-year-old Coral Jetty in an interview with Channel 10’s Sunday Project.

The woman, who has lived on the farm for the past 50 years, said she is only entitled to $3.60 per fortnight from the pension because the farm, which she owns, is deemed asset rich.

But within 15 minutes of sharing their story on Sunday, Australians across the country banded together to donate almost $130,000, the program told.

It took less than an hour for the campaign to reach more than $200,000. By Monday morning this had bumped up to more than $275,600.

Farmer Coral Jerry, 80, has lived on the farm for almost 50 years. Source: GoFundMe

All the money raised will go directly to the Jerry family to cover their farm’s operating expenses, according to the fundraising page.

The organisers issued a statement on Sunday night, thanking the community for their donations and messages of support left on the fundraising page.

“I'd like to pass on our sincerest thanks to all of you who have supported us this evening. This response is overwhelming and such a huge relief,” the organiser wrote.

“Thanks doesn't convey the depth of our appreciation. As well as your amazing donations, we'll never forget the messages of support below - you've made us realise that we are not as alone, even in barest of paddocks. Thankyou.”

Visit the GoFundMe page to support the family.

The overwhelming response comes weeks after a heartbroken NSW farmer was inundated with job opportunities following a Facebook appeal to help land a career change.

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