NSW deputy premier sues FriendlyJordies

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NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro - fed up with being called corrupt and a "greasy Ned Kelly" - is suing Google and the man behind YouTube channel friendlyjordies.

Entertainer Jordan Shanks-Markovina, whose channel boasts more than 130 million views, is also accused of falsely making out the NSW Nationals leader has blackmailed councillors and pocketed millions stolen from a local government.

The videos in question have greatly injured Mr Barilaro's personal and professional reputation, according to a statement of claim filed in the Federal Court on Thursday.

"(He) has been and will be brought into public disrepute, odium, ridicule and contempt," the document reads.

The MP is of Italian heritage and his hurt and harm has been aggravated by Shanks-Markovina's "vile and racist attack" in the videos.

In one video, the entertainer refers to Mr Barilaro as a "big, fat, wog c***", "greasy Ned Kelly" and "a conman to the core, powered by spaghetti".

The NSW Nationals leader also complains that he was given no opportunity to respond to the allegations in the videos.

Both clips - titled "bruz" and "Secret Dictatorship" and published in September and October 2020 - were online on Friday and had garnered almost one million views in total.

His solicitors sent Shanks-Markovina and Google letters in December 2020, demanding the videos be taken down due to their alleged defamatory nature.

The videos were also subject of another letter in January that asked whether Google "seriously suggested it was acceptable to continue to publish" the allegedly racist attacks.

"No response was ever received to the letter," the statement of claims says.

Shanks-Markovina retweeted news of the case being filed with: "Hahahahaha".

In a statement to AAP on Friday night he said he was not as rich as Mr Barilaro and didn't have a lawyer but the suit "could have terrible implications for free speech in this country".

"The very fact that John filed it proves he doesn't care about his constituency ... as he'll be too busy in court to do his job."

Shanks-Markovina said he would be using a truth defence and had a lot of people to subpoena.

In a video four weeks ago he said being sued by Mr Barilaro was "a long time coming" and promised to call Mr Barilaro a "greasy little scrotum" more often.

"The deputy premier of NSW really likes destroying the environment of NSW and is using his office to enrich himself," Shanks-Markovina said.

"I made fun of him for this so naturally, his response was to call me racist for putting on an Italian accent while doing this."

Google have been contacted for comment.

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