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NSW councillor's frightening find in dish rack

A NSW councillor didn't need a cup of coffee on Thursday morning to wake him up — the fright of finding a large carpet python in his dish rack was enough to shock him wide awake.

Posting to Twitter, Ballina Council shire member Keith Williams said he had already begun putting dishes away before he realised the snake was curled up around some glasses.

"Can’t believe I cleared part of the dish rack before I even noticed," he wrote, alongside a photo of the reptile.

A photo of the large carpet python curled up under a dish rack near the glasses.
The python was found in the dish rack. Source: Twitter

"OK, I’d just got up and was waiting for coffee. But still…"

He waited for python to leave

Mr Williams said he opened a window, patiently waiting for the snake to leave.

He later shared a video of the snake beginning to move outside.

"Update: Lovely python has made its way outside and all is returning to normal," Mr Williams wrote, before addressing the now dirty pile dishes the snake had been lying on.

"Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a lot of washing up to redo."

It's not the first time Mr Williams has had an uninvited visitor, the surprise visitation promoting him to reshare a video from 2017 showing two snakes wrapped around each other in his yard.

What are carpet pythons?

It's not unusual to see carpet pythons as the weather gets warmer.

According to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, they're one of the more commonly seen snakes in suburban backyards, found in northern NSW and Queensland.

Carpet pythons come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, ranging from browns and black to olive green.

They are usually quite timid and are not venomous, although their bites can be painful.

The average adult carpet python is roughly 2 metres long but some can reach 4 metres in length and weigh up to 15kg.

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