NSW commissioner's new plan for builders

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The NSW Building Commissioner has told developers he's going to provide "marketing collateral" to good builders using photos of the work done by bad ones.

David Chandler told property developers at an Urban Taskforce Australia conference on Friday he will start providing the images to rated builders next week.

"I will provide them now the full deck of photos that I take on a project where a builder has gone belly up in any particular week," he said.

"I will be posting to every rated builder the photos I took on a project this week where both the developer and the builder have left the stage."

The photos can be used to help with marketing to developers, financiers and customers.

"I want to give you absolute collateral to say: 'You could sign up with a risky player, or you could sign up with a trustworthy one, your call'," Mr Chandler said.

His resignation sparked recent news headlines.

He withdrew it after former fair trading minister Eleni Petinos, whom he did not consider to be as invested in the role as her predecessor, was sacked from cabinet over her workplace behaviour.

He has returned to continue his work raising the standards of the construction industry in NSW.

"The motivation here has been to get your, our customers back to this industry," Mr Chandler told the conference.

He said he recently received a deluge of emails from people in the industry welcoming his decision to stay on.

"I make the comment: be very careful what you wish for," Mr Chandler said.