NSW clamps down on 'Opal runner' cheaters

The NSW government has vowed to clamp down on people gaming the Opal system to score free travel.

The NSW government has promised to crack down on public transport users gaming the Opal system to score free travel.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said people were running, riding or skating between light rail stops and train stations to tap on and tap off, earning free weekly travel after paying around $18.

Mr Constance said the number of transfers needed to meet the threshold would be hiked up.

"We're going to clamp down on that loophole and we're going to stop people from doing it," he told reporters in Sydney on Monday.

The process involves people tapping on and off multiple times in quick succession, accumulating the eight journeys needed to travel free for the rest of the week.

Mr Constance said the scam was seeing some 60,000 Opal transfers at stations such as Pyrmont on Mondays, which plummeted to just 100 by Friday.

He said the scam came at a time where the state's public transport network lost $35 million in revenues last year.

"My message to Opal runners is stop wasting your time, stop wasting your breath," he said.

"It's a practice which is unacceptable, and as a result we're going to see people stopped from engaging in this behaviour on our network."

Mr Constance said the new measures, which take effect on Monday, would form part of a wide-scale review into public transport fares.