'He jumped on me': Little boy describes horrifying kangaroo attack in backyard

A five-year-old boy is “lucky” to be alive thanks to his dad who saved him from a kangaroo attack on his NSW mid-north coast property.

Lewis Dyer was playing in his Valla Beach backyard with his 10-year-old brother when he was set upon by a two-metre roo.

He described the terrifying attack to Network 10’s The Project, saying the kangaroo jumped on him and knocked him to the ground before scratching him.

A NSW boy pictured with kangaroo attack injuries. The five-year-old boy suffered cuts to his face and body.
Lewis Dyer, 5, was attacked by a kangaroo while playing on his NSW mid north coast backyard. Source: The Project / Channel 10

Lewis said he was "very scared" during the terrifying attack.

"I went out to the shed and the kangaroos were away from us and then they jumped at us and he got me on to the ground, and he jumped on me and then he scratched me," the boy said.

His dad, Brenton, said he saw the kangaroo maul his son, so he quickly ran in and tackled the animal.

Mr Dyer told The Project he “put some distance” between the marsupial and his little boy, allowing the child a chance to run away.

A kangaroo scratched Lewis Dyer at his Valla Beach backyard. A photo of deep scratches on the boy's back.
Lewis's injuries show the kangaroo scratched his body and face. Source: The Project / Channel 10

Photos of the boy’s injuries show wounds across his little body and face.

Mr Dyer said the family was “extremely lucky” he was able to intervene and save his little boy from the attack.

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