NSW blaze bearing down on homes again

Luke Costin
A blaze that wiped out homes in the NSW Northern Tablelands has broken containment lines

A blaze that wiped out a dozen homes in a northern NSW village has broken containment lines and is bearing down on homes again.

An emergency warning for Stannum and Emmaville, north of Glen Innes, was issued on Tuesday as northwesterly winds helped the Gulf Road fire quickly spread.

Residents were advised to seek shelter immediately to protect themselves from the heat of the fire.

At Deepwater, about 15 kilometres southeast of the firefront, Hendrick de Jong is monitoring conditions.

"We'll just see what happens but it doesn't seem we've got any hassles," he told AAP on Tuesday.

However, Deepwater resident Kirby Ardis took no chances and evacuated with her family about midday on Tuesday.

"With the winds, the embers are travelling many kilometres so it's just not worth it," she told AAP from a relative's home in Glen Innes.

"The general consensus is that people are just evacuating. Better safe than sorry."

The bushfires impacted Torrington on Friday afternoon taking with it 12 of the hamlet's 60-odd homes.

RFS crews have worked late into the night since Thursday trying to slow the spread of the blaze with backburning operations.