NSW bids to supervise released killer

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A NSW man who murdered a young woman and raped a teenage girl may be subject to close supervision for years after being released from jail.

Kenneth Barry Cannon, 62, walked free on January 5 this year after spending more than 31 years behind bars.

The Wagga Wagga man was convicted of raping a 16-year old girl at knifepoint in 1986 and of raping and murdering 18-year old Sally Ann Jones in 1987.

On August 29, the State of NSW launched court proceedings seeking that Cannon be subject to strict supervision while in the community.

The orders, if granted by the NSW Supreme Court, would last for three years and include conditions such as being electronically monitored, notifying a supervising officer of his address and movements, and undergoing ongoing psychiatric counselling.

Cannon, who is also known as Kenneth Barry Durbin, would be barred from associating with children, drinking alcohol, taking illicit drugs, holding a prohibited weapon, and leaving Australia.

Viewing of explicit material such as pornography or hiring sex workers would also be banned without prior approval from a supervising officer.

In January 2021, State Parole Authority chairman David Frearson SC called Cannon's crimes "horrendous" but said there was a critical need to provide community supervision upon his release.

"Having considered all the available expert advice, the Authority was satisfied supervised parole at this time is in the interests of the safety of the community," the SPA said at the time.

A hearing for the extended supervision orders has been scheduled for November 25.