NSW alligator, python owner avoids jail


A NSW man has avoided jail after being found guilty of illegally keeping a menagerie of exotic animals including a baby alligator, a chameleon and two boa constrictors in his suburban home at Wollongong.

Kyle Page was found guilty of all 10 charges in a Port Kembla court last month after the animals, which he'd bought online, were found in 2014.

Four corn snakes, two Colombian red tailed boa constrictors, a pair of red eared slider turtles, an American alligator and a veiled chameleon were among the animals that were all euthanised by biosecurity officers.

Page has been given a suspended jail term with a good behaviour bond.

"The outcome of this case sends a strong message about the importance of our state's biosecurity by managing risks that impact our environment, economy and community," NSW director of biosecurity compliance Peter Day said.