Aww! Alexa And Brennon From "Love Is Blind" Are Expecting Their First Baby

Another Love Is Blind baby is on the way!

Season 3 contestants Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia are also expecting their first child.

Alexa and Brennon on the red carpet

The couple shared the news today in a joint interview with People magazine. "We wanted this to happen, and so we're just grateful to be here," Alexa told the outlet. "It's been such a big part of my life [and] I'm the worst secret keeper ... so I'm ready for it to be out there!"

The couple hugging as they stand by a car
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Alexa said that before they conceived, they had been "trying for almost a year and a half." She added, "So it was a lot. I went through some fertility treatment and nothing worked. I was really nervous that maybe we're never going to be able to have kids."

Alexa and Brennon smiling and holding "Love Is Blind" popcorn tubs
Roger Kisby / Getty Images for Netflix

They were about to make an appointment for in vitro fertilization when Alexa discovered in November that she was pregnant.

Alexa and Brennon smiling at a media event
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"When I found out, I definitely didn't think even a little bit that I was [pregnant]," Alexa remembered. "I took some [tests] and it was positive, and I just kept telling him when it came back positive, I was like, 'My body works, my body works!'"

Alexa and Brennon throwing popcorn at each other
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"Everybody always says the same thing ... which is when you least expect something to happen, it will happen," Brennon added. "That was the case meeting each other. I had stopped dating, seeing people. She had stopped, and we just met on a show, so it was by happenstance. And the same thing with this, which is you don't really expect anything to happen and it happened. So it's always good."

Alexa and Brennon onstage at a media event
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Aww, I'm so happy for them! Congrats, Alexa and Brennon!