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Nottingham's Goose Fair: Police ban drone flights

Goose Fair from 2017
Drone flights have previously been permitted over the fair

Police have banned drone flights above Nottingham's Goose Fair over safety concerns.

The fair - one of the oldest in Europe - is popular with drone pilots seeking aerial pictures and footage of its spectacularly illuminated rides.

However a "no-fly zone" for drones within 750 metres (2461ft) has been imposed for this year's event.

Those who break the restriction face fines or prosecution, Nottinghamshire Police warned.

The annual Goose Fair is one of the largest travelling fairs in Europe and dates back more than 700 years.

This year's fair, at the Forest Recreation Ground, will take place from 29 September and 8 October and the police said the airspace restriction would be in force for the duration.

Nottinghamshire Police's chief drone pilot Sgt Vince Saunders said: "Drones are increasingly popular with photographers and filmmakers and I know many of them will be keen to get a spectacular overhead shot of this popular and colourful event.

"But sadly we have previously had issues with drones being flown in an inconsiderate way - posing a potential risk to people and equipment on the ground.

"These kind of restrictions are now common at such large open air events so it is wise for all pilots to assume that they cannot fly above any similar gathering.

"As a drone enthusiast myself the last thing I want is for fellow enthusiasts to get caught out at this or any other major public event."

He said live maps of temporary restrictive zones for drones were available on smartphone apps and he urged all pilots to check them before flying.

Restrictions are also published by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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