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Nottingham mum fears house mould has caused son's illness

Lewis's mother said she fears for the health of her family

The mother of a four-year-old boy in hospital with pneumonia says she is scared to take him back to her mouldy, damp council house in Nottingham.

Lisa believes the issues with the property in Thorneywood have contributed to his illness.

It is the third time Lewis has been admitted to hospital with respiratory problems in the past eight months.

Nottingham City Council says the issue has been rectified and there is no mould at their home.

The mould was treated by the council with Biocheck paint during repairs made on 1 November.

However, mould was visible on the kitchen walls and skirting boards when a BBC reporter visited the following day.

Lisa said, "It's in every room, the clothes, the bed, the settee. Everything in this house is covered in damp.

"We've complained for a number of years about mould and damp, all they seem to do is come out and put paint on it."

Lewis's recurring respiratory problems coupled with the mould and damp issues at the property, led to his mother being advised in a letter from doctors at the Queens Medical Centre to not bring her son back to the house after he is discharged.

She fears her son's health will be at risk if he does return, having spent two weeks in intensive care during his latest admission to hospital for pneumonia and a collapsed lung.

The mother is requesting Nottingham City Council rehome the family to a more suitable property.

She said, "My older daughter Ellie has chest problems, my husband has chest problems.

"Lewis nearly didn't make it. If he gets it again I don't think he'll actually pull through".

Nottingham City Council said: "The occupant reported damp and mould issues at her property on 23 October.

"Our surveyor attended on 31 October and the works were carried on 1 November,

"The issue has been rectified and there is now no mould at the home."

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