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'I noticed Odegaard, his drills change how you think'

Football Firsts with Defoe and Deeney
Football Firsts with Defoe and Deeney

In the latest episode of Football Firsts with Jermain Defoe and Troy Deeney, the former players discuss good first touches, and strong forwards they have seen in training.

Considered one of the best midfielders in the world, Arsenal's Martin Odegaard stood out to Deeney, especially when he witnessed his training before a game.

He said, "When I go to games, I make sure to get there early so I can watch the lads warm up.

"I went to an Arsenal game and I noticed Odegaard. He got one staff member to wrap the ball to him, and another one to close him down, in and around the 18 yard box, taking it off the line.

"He wouldn't finish, he was just doing the movements.

"I told my kids to watch what he was doing. Then, in a game he did that two or three times.

"Drills like that change how you think, he does exactly what he'll be doing in the game. You see so many drills that aren't realistic."

Martin Odegaard
Martin Odegaard