Not as many bites in killer pythons

It's not animal activists who are up in arms about the culling of the killer python, but the sweet-tooths.

The well-known, rainbow-coloured Allen's Killer Python is being cut in half, it was announced on Thursday.

Nestle says the decision is in response to modern dietary concerns from consumers.

The once ruler-long sugary serpents have been downsized to a measly 24g from 47g and will now pack only 360kJ of energy compared with the original whopping 630kJ.

A cut down 21cm snake will now take a 10-year-old around half an hour to burn off, says company dietician Melanie McGrice.

"With the previous size, it would have taken almost an hour," she said in a statement on Thursday.

The downsizing is part of a global campaign to implement portion control across its confectionary range, the company said.

But lolly lovers were less than happy with the announcement, taking to Twitter to express their dismay.

"Is nothing sacred anymore? #angry #sweettooth" said AJ Hawkins.

The price of the snake will be halved in line with the change in quantity.

Other products in Nestle's range will also have their design revamped to include portion guidance information.