‘We are not alone’: WA Police reveal footage of mystery light in sky

“Someone call Mulder and Scully!”

Bizarre footage of a floating object captured during a wild thunderstorm has WA police officers asking the question – are we alone?

After reviewing vision of the storm, which erupted over Broome’s Town Beach on Saturday night, police officers couldn’t help but notice a rather unusual sight.

Bolts of lightning can be seen crashing down before a strange shadow appears in the corner of the screen.

The ‘UFO’ can be seen hovering before floating back and forth momentarily.

Many suspected the strange object was a reflection coming from the reversing 4WD. Source: Twitter/Broome Police

The footage – which has been seen more than 30,000 times – had many social media users scratching their heads, as the theories inevitably came rolling in.

“It’s a damn alien, but not sure if it’s area 51 replica vehicle or intergalactic vehicle. Insane footage,” one Twitter user commented.

“Ok I’m not sleeping tonight,” another wrote.

While some people joked that police have no other choice but to refer this one over to the X-Files team of Mulder and Scully, others had a more logical answer.

Broome Police spotted the unusual object after reviewing footage of a wild thunderstorm. Source: Twitter/Broome Police

“It is an optical artifact caused by the internal reflection of light inside the glass elements of the lens. It is caused by the car reversing in the bottom right corner. It mirrors its movements exactly,” another wrote.

“Aliens probably exist, but this isn’t it.”

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