"Not Again 🙄" — This Mom Wants To Know If She's A Jerk For Not Being Happy About Her Daughter's Second Pregnancy

Today we are diving into an Am I the Asshole Reddit thread that thousands of people are talking about. U/Personal_Region_2508 is a mom who is NOT happy about her daughter's pregnancy. Here is why...

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"My daughter got pregnant during her second year of college, and it was not a good time. My husband and I stepped up so she could finish college, which she did. She just graduated and just got a job. The problem is she cannot afford childcare or rent since her job kinda sucks," she starts.

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"We were hoping she would be moving out by the end of the year. She told us today that she is pregnant again. When she told us, I said, 'Not again.' She asked if I was happy for her, and I told her no — we will not look after another kid, and we already wanted her to find her own place by the end of the year or next summer at the latest. She is pissed at us, and we got into an argument. She thinks we are assholes."

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According to the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study, about 22% of undergraduate students are parents. It is also reported that approx. 25% of teen moms have a second child within 24 months of their first baby.

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Redditors started right away with their thoughts on the matter:

"Not an asshole — you helping with childcare is a privilege, not a right, and you already did well by her with her first kid. It's selfish to keep having them if you rely on other people to pick up the slack and your responsibilities."


"Stop having kids before you're financially independent. Why should you foot the bill for her and her baby daddy's poor decisions? It's the baby daddy's grandparents' turn."


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"Not the asshole, you have every right to be unhappy given that thus far you have been a part-time care taker and provide partial support to your daughter and grandchild. You didn't sign up to raise and support your grandkids; that is a job generally reserved for the parents of the child."


"Her irresponsibility is not your responsibility. She doesn't need two kids if she can't afford the one she has. I don't think it's wrong for you to be upset when she is using you as a babysitter and a free place to stay. You didn't sign up to raise your grandkids."


"Your daughter is being foolish and irresponsible, and now she needs to face the consequences of her ill-thought-out actions. Time for the baby's dad to step up."


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