Teenager cooks and eats her own horse after it was put down

A teenage girl has decided the best way to honour her dead horse was to cook her up.

Pia Olden, of Norway, wrote on Facebook in a now-deleted post her mare, Drifting Speed, was put down last year so she decided to cook her.

The horse had been kept in a freezer.

“My chef heart said I had to,” Ms Olden wrote.

The teen, who is also an apprentice chef, shared a photo of the meal – served with chilli and mango – with family and friends. In total, it was 2.7kg of horse meat.

While Ms Olden claims it was the best way to celebrate the life of her horse, people on Facebook disagree.

Pia Olden said she cooked up her dead pet horse and ate her to honour her memory. Source: Facebook/ Pia Olden

“You’re crazy,” one woman wrote.

“I don’t know how you can eat your own horse.”

Another woman called her actions “disgusting”.

However, some people jumped to her defence.

“You guys act like the horse was alive or something,” one woman wrote.

“Horse meat is eaten all the time. The hell does it matter if it was her horse or not?

“Monster? Hardly.”

Ms Olden with Drifting Speed. The family ate more than 2kg of horse meat. Source: Facebook/ Pia Olden

Ms Olden told Norwegian newspaper she had received death threats over the post with some people telling her eating a horse was “like eating a member of the family”.

“This was my way of honouring her,” she told the paper.

"It's not better for the meat to be buried and eaten by the worms.”

The teen added she and family agreed it was some of the best meat they had eaten.

While some people might turn up their noses at horse meat in some cultures it’s actually considered a delicacy.

According to the Animal Welfare Council, in 2005 China produced 204,000 tonnes of horse meat while Mexico produced just under 79,000.

However, the killing of horses for human consumption is widely opposed in Australia and the US.

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