Norway must be ready for Russian aggression – Defense Minister

Norwegian flag
Norwegian flag

Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram has called for the country to be prepared for potential Russian aggression even after the war in Ukraine concludes, Norwegian outlet VG reported on Feb. 5.

The minister said that the vestiges of democracy in Russia have been destroyed, with the few Russians who dare to protest being thrown in jail or sent to war, where they are used as cannon fodder on the front lines.

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"There is no opposition, no press freedoms, no civil society allowed to represent any counterforce against the increasingly authoritarian regime," said Gram.

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According to him, the threat from Russia will persist even after the war in Ukraine ends.

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"We must be ready for the possibility that Russia will reassess its plans and where it positions its forces in response to Finland and Sweden's NATO membership," he added.

Gram concluded by saying that Norway needs to increase investment in its national defense.

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