Northern Lights illuminate the East of England

Northern Lights in Brill, in Buckinghamshire
Northern Lights were seen here in Brill, Buckinghamshire - and across much of the East [Tora/BBC Weather Watchers]

Night owls and star gazers were treated to a spectacular display of colour as the Northern Lights lit up the skies across the East of England.

Pictures of the lights, also known as aurora borealis, have flooded social media and there are likely to be further sightings on Saturday night.

They could be seen after one of the strongest geomagnetic storms for years hit Earth.

People are advised to wait until after 22:30 BST for the best views.

Northern Lights in Cambridge
Hospital staff gathered to capture the lights in Cambridge [T/BBC Weather Watchers]
Northern Lights in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire
They were celebrated in Long Crendon in Buckinghamshire [ColMandSophx/BBA Weather Watchers]
Northern Lights near Braintree, Essex
Northern Lights turned the sky pink near Braintree in Essex [Colin Shead]
Northern Lights in Attleborough, in Norfolk
Northern Lights made the perfect backdrop to a church in Attleborough, Norfolk [Daniel1993/BBC Weather Watchers]
Northern Lights in Peterborough
Peterborough was turned pink and purple [Solfire/BBC Weather Watchers]
Police car and Northern Lights
Police in the east of Cambridgeshire were treated to a beautiful night sky [Cambs Police]
Northern Lights in Burnham on Crouch in Essex
In Burnham on Crouch in Essex, they lit up the sky [NicSki/BBC Weather Watchers]
Northern Lights in Martlesham, Suffolk
In Martlesham, Suffolk, it seemed a good idea to point at them - after all, it's not that common to see them [Davey T/BBC Weather Watchers]
Northern Lights in Hertfordshire
Hertfordshire police officers took a moment out of the night shift to capture photos [Herts Police]
Northern Lights in Northampton
And in Northampton, as in many other places, everyone was out with their phone cameras [craigmiddleton895/BBC Weather Watchers]

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