Noplace: Colourful new social media app shoots to the top of the App Store


Noplace, a new social app that works like a colourful version of Twitter, is quickly becoming one of the App Store’s most popular downloads.

The app allows users to post text updates to their friends, in much the same way as people can on Twitter, now X. But it is built around profile pages that are explicitly customisable, with a range of colours and the option to add information such as what music you are listening to.

“calling all NPCs, main characters, swifties, barbs, nerds, and stans,” the app’s own description reads. As that invitation may suggest, it appears specifically aimed at young, gen z users.

“remember how fun the internet was before all the algos and ads? we do too… so we’re bringing it back.”

In some ways, the app appears to be based on MySpace, the once popular and now defunct social network. It allows users to put their top 10 friends in a list on their profile, for instance, and gives a wide array of options for customising a profile that is includes personal information.

That retro approach is an explicit reminder of the early days of the social web, according to its founder Tiffany Zhong. Though it is aimed at gen z, the app is specifically aimed at seizing on the nostalgia for an earlier time in the internet.

“I think that part of the magical, fun part of the internet is gone now,” Ms Zhong told Techcrunch. “Everything is very uniform.”

Noplace launched late last year in an invite-only beta phase. But it already went viral even as most people were unable to get onto it.

Now it has launched publicly and become the most popular app on the iOS App Store in the US. It is not yet available for Android, and a web version is available but can only be used to read posts.

Noplace joins a number of apps that have rocketed to huge popularity in recent years, trading off widespread dissatisfaction with the large social media apps. Many have seen their popularity rapidly dwindle as users have gradually lost interest.