Noor and Alaa Flee East Ghouta and Arrive in Idlib

In a video posted to Twitter, siblings Noor and Alaa – who have documented their lives living in conflict in East Ghouta said after destruction, starvation, and fear – said they have finally arrived in Idlib.

The pair have posted videos over the course of several months from the besieged area of East Ghouta where food prices and rates of malnutrition are high.

Noor says they have left everything, including their friends and school, and hope to one day return to Ghouta. News reports quoted Noor as saying their souls remained in Ghouta.

As the conflict in Syria entered its eighth year the UN said East Ghouta was a flashpoint of conflict and of grave concern.

In March, Noor and Alaa posted a Tweet to say their neighborhood was under siege by the Assad regime.

Reports said around 7,000 people from the East Ghouta region arrived in the town of Qalaat al-Middiq, northwest of Hama city on March 30.

The Syrian Army said it regained most of the towns and villages across Ghouta in a televised broadcast, according to Reuters. Credit: Noor and Alaa via Storyful