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Adventurous Eaters Are Sharing "The Foods Even They REFUSE To Eat" And It's Fascinating

Reddit user u/NoLobster7951 asked, "Non-picky eaters, what won't you eat?" and the comments came flooding in.

Here are the top-voted answers:

1."Pufferfish. I don't care how talented of a chef you are. I'm not risking dying to taste some fish."

—u/cirezaru'I'll only eat it if I'm actively admitted in the hospital with a 24-hour observation period and the chef has to eat a bite first.


'I'll only eat it if I'm actively admitted in the hospital with a 24-hour observation period and the chef has to eat a bite first."


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2."I eat everything and even quite a few eccentric things, but I just really don’t like the taste of most sugar substitutes. Stevia, sucralose, and a few others I can’t think of right now... they all overpower everything and taste so damn cloying."


"I feel the exact same way!! I found my people! I've had friends tell me I'm nuts because there's 'no taste difference' between real sugar and whatever substitute, but I can ALWAYS tell, no matter what. Aspartame in particular feels like it's coating my tongue and leaves this absolutely appalling aftertaste. It's so gross."


3."Spaghettini in a can. I refuse."



"I actually love canned spaghetti. Lol. I crack open the can and eat it cold."


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4."Spiders. I suspect all the people who think they're clever by saying 'shrimp are just sea bugs' have never eaten a spider. Shrimp are almost all muscle meat, crabs are full of muscle. A spider is mostly guts and goo. There's just no comparison."


"I'm from Norway and here we don't have any culture for eating bugs or insects. So I was also very squeamish about it. But when I was in Zimbabwe, they served some marinated BBQ larvae as a pre-dinner snack in this one place. I ended up trying it and I liked it! It's kind of like puffed rice crisps I've had before...just with a slight more 'earthy' flavor."


5."My husband will eat anything except for bean sprouts. He says they taste like dirt to him."



"They DO taste like dirt. And so delicious. Specifically mung bean sprouts taste like a mouthful of a cold damp mountain trail in spring. But with crunch!!"





"Snails are really just a vehicle for butter..."


7."I eat anything and everything. The only thing that I will not eat a second time is black pudding also known as blood sausage. "



"I’ve come to enjoy it, weirdly. Black pudding has a very unique texture."


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8."Cilantro and only because I have that gene that makes it taste like soap."


9."Frog legs. They're my favorite animal. I've had pet frogs and toads as an adult for years. I couldn't eat a part of my friends. 😭"


10."Super hot peppers. I had a nibble of a Carolina reaper once. It fucking hurt, I wouldn't dare eat the whole thing, that sounds unimaginable."


11."Natto. It's a traditional Japanese food that consists of whole fermented soybeans and people typically eat it for breakfast. I'm not a picky eater at all. I've eaten durian, balut, raw kangaroo meat, sea urchin, all kinds of raw fish eggs, 'chocolate soup,' fermented shrimp paste, coagulated blood on a stick, chicken innards BBQ, tendons, tripe, liver (roasted duck liver salad is fantaaaastic), hearts, and more, but I REFUSE to eat natto because it looks like snot."



"I tried natto recently despite being pretty put off by the looks and smell, but it’s actually not bad! I put it on rice and it was actually pretty good haha. Doesn’t feel as ‘snotty’ as it looks."


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12."Water chestnuts. I can't get over the texture."


And finally...

13."I'll try most anything once. I've eaten fried crickets and grasshoppers, rocky mountain oysters, etc. I don't consider myself picky in the slightest...but I refuse to try pickled pig feet."

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Now it's your turn! What do you refuse to eat, even as a non-picky eater? Comment below!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.