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"Normal" People Who Have "Dated A Celebrity" Are Sharing What It Was Like And I Didn't See 50% Of These Coming

Reddit user u/ChiefsHat asked, "Redditors who have dated celebrities, how’d it go?" and the comment section was immediately filled with unexpected stories involving some of my favorite celebrities.

Disclaimer: Though people claim to be speaking from their own experiences with celebrities, BuzzFeed can't confirm the validity of these stories. 

Here are the top-voted submissions:

1."My cousin dated Josh Hartnett for a little bit during college. This was before he got his big break in Pearl Harbor and became famous. She said he was a sweet guy. I think they met at her friend’s high school reunion and hit it off."

before and after of josh

2."I had dinner with Teri Hatcher when we were in our late thirties. I got a hug goodnight. She treated the wait staff really nicely. I could tell about 15 minutes into the date that she wasn’t into me (which I completely understand). I give myself a gold medal for having the guts to ask her out."

then and now of teri

3."RJ Mitte (Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad) hit on my daughter at a poker tournament and bought her a drink. She had to gently tell him she was waiting for her hubby who was in the tournament. She said he was super nice and laid back. LOL."

then and now of him

4."My stepdad’s high school sweetheart was Kelly Ripa. She was not famous when they met, he actually drove her to the city for the audition that got her her big break. When she got the job and they had to move to the city together, he thought it was really cool at first. The connections were sweet and going to celebrity parties was amazing. It all seemed really cool but as her fame grew, he started to resent it. He was a college graduate and had previously been the provider, but now it was his girlfriend paying all the bills and upgrading their apartments and everything. He felt uncomfortable spending her money but also didn’t have enough of his own to exist comfortably in the circles she ran in...with the places they’d eat out and the events they’d attend. And he always felt like just a background character, sitting there holding her bag alone while she was off talking to Hollywood big shots at parties..."

then and now of kelly

5."About eight years ago, I met Corey Feldman at a Comic-Con. He proceeded to ask me out. I respectfully declined. Then he tried to get me to go to a haunted house with him (???). Every time we watch a movie and his face comes on screen, my parents joke about how we could've gotten married."

then he has a goatee and now he has a freshly shaven face

6."I had a casual thing with Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World while she was at Northwestern University. Back then, friends with benefits wasn't a mainstream title or a title we had heard of...but we were not officially dating. She was an absolute delight of a human being."

then and now of her

7."My dad's friend dated Paula Abdul in college. He always says positive things about her. He said she was a sweet and bubbly woman and they had a fun relationship."

then and now of her

8."I know someone who hooked up with T.J. Miller in the late 2000s before he hit Hollywood and was still a traveling stand-up comic. He apparently stole freshly-baked cookies from their kitchen before leaving in the morning."

closeup of him with curly hair then and now

9."Courtney Love flirted with me at a bar in Indianapolis in 1995. It was late night after her concert at a nearby arena. She stared daggers at me when I walked in, like I thought she somehow hated me? It was a little odd, but she was a little whatever. She walked up to me at the bar with a couple of very large guys who I assume were security. She loudly ordered me a drink, and made a big deal of standing very close to me and touching my shoulder and chest repeatedly. I kind of fumbled through the conversation as the experience was pretty jarring overall. At some point she told me that I reminded her of the character Linus from Charlie Brown. I dunno what that meant, but eventually I kind of weaseled my way to the bathroom and then just left."

her singing on stage and her now

10."My friend almost dated Uma Thurman. This was before cellphones. He got her number, writing it down on a dry cleaning ticket. He made the mistake of getting some moisturizer on it which smeared the ink and made the number illegible."

her then and now

11."Also not dating, but I once made out with Dannii Minogue (sister of Kylie Minogue) at gay pride on Clapham Common in London."

her then and now looking the same

12."My mom dated the guy who invented Crazy Bones. I had all of the original ones. We used to go to schools and do demonstrations. Back then he was struggling, but eventually his company blew up and was bigger than Pogs. My mom had broken up with him before that though."

the crazy boes toys and then a closeup of him

13."I sat next to Natalie Portman on a plane once. We talked all about designer handbags and then were there for each other through some bad turbulence. She was already taken, and I’m gay, but…it was still a relationship I’ll never forget."

her then with bangs and a closeup of her now

And finally...

14."I can't say. I signed an NDA."

person covering their mouth in shock

Now, it's your turn! Have you ever dated a celebrity? Comment below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.