'No way in the world': Confusion over common road rule

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Drivers have been left scratching their heads over a question about a seemingly common situation on the road.

RACQ posed a question to readers on Facebook featuring a red car looking to do a U-turn, a cyclist, a pedestrian and a blue car at a give way sign looking to turn right.

Readers were asked who the red car needs to give way to before performing the U-turn and were given four options: A) The blue car, B) The pedestrian, C) The cyclist and the pedestrian, D) The cyclist, the pedestrian and the blue car.

A car is pictured trying to do a u-turn with a cyclist, a pedestrian and another car pictured.
Do you know who the red car has to wait for before they can conduct a U-turn here? Source: RACQ

One woman answered C, as did a few people, suggesting the red car has right of way over the blue car.

“No way in the world does he have to give way to the blue car,” one man wrote.

However, anyone who answered C is wrong. The correct answer is D. The red car has to let the pedestrian, cyclist and the other car go first.

“The cyclist can continue straight ahead as the pedestrian is not at a designated pedestrian or children’s crossing,” the RACQ wrote.

“The blue car gives way to the pedestrian, who is at or near the intersection crossing the road they are entering. The red car must give way to all vehicles and pedestrians when doing a U-turn.”

The rule has tripped up a few people before.

But under Queensland’s road rules, anyone performing a U-turn must give way to all pedestrians and vehicles “even if they're facing a give way or stop sign”.

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