No total fire ban in Tas despite fire risk

Northeast Tasmania is in for a day of very high fire danger risk, but there will be no fire ban for the region.

The Tasmanian Fire Service said forecast conditions mean there is a very high chance of fire on Saturday for the the east coast of the state, the Midlands, central north and the far north east.

Temperatures are due to reach up to 30C, with winds as strong as 30km/h and the chance of thunderstorms without rain.

"While we don't have all of the triggers for a total fire ban we know if we get a fire start it will be difficult to control so we're asking the public to exercise caution," Regional Fire controller Danny Richardson said.

"We'll monitor the weather and a few other things ... as the conditions dry out, winds pick up and the temperature increases ... that may see us introduce a total fire ban," Mr Richardson said.

He urged people to be aware of their surroundings, restrict their fire use and refrain from slashing or mowing any grass.

Tasmania's Gell River blaze, sparked by lightning strikes, has burned for nearly two weeks and through more than 20,000 hectares of wilderness.

A total fire ban was in place for Tasmania's southeast and central regions on Friday, while walking tracks in alpine areas of Mount Field have been closed.