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'No reason to believe this club can't keep going on the growth that it has'

Nottingham Forest's new chairman Tom Cartledge has been setting out his priorities as he takes on his new role with the club.

Speaking to BBC Radio Nottingham, Cartledge - a lifelong Forest fan - said: "There's three things for me [that are challenges to tackle]. I'm a Nottingham person, I've been educated here, my business is here, my family are all in the ground every week and I want to make the relationship between the fans and the ownership understood and I feel a real sense of responsibility for that.

"The second thing is the infrastructure, which I've talked about, and the third, overriding thing is we have to expect more and expect to go out and do things better every time - whether that is on the pitch, off the pitch or the way we present ourselves or the way we look.

"There's no reason to believe this club can't keep going on the growth that it has got.

"The promotion happened. The chairman and the former chairman should take great pleasure in that, but now we've got there we don't want to stop. We want to go again and that was one of the key things when I spoke to the owner in Greece about what he would like from me and what I would like from the role - and it really is instilling that ambition into the club."

Listen to the full interview on BBC Sounds